IMPORTANT ANNOUCEMENT: StartingSites no longer offers Website Hosting.

Top Companies to help run your website for 2020!
Design comes secondary to Hosting during the process of launching a Website.
(Read Why)

Rank #1 IPage Web Hosting
Rank #2 One Web Hosting
Rank #3 FatCow Web Hosting
FatCow Web Hosting
Rank #4 TurnKey Web Hosting
TurnKey Internet - Best Value Deal
Price $9.99/monthly $10.99/monthly $14.95/monthly $15/monthly
Support 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
WordPress Yes Yes Yes Yes
Shopping Cart Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Email Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Domain 1st Year FREE (17.99/yearly) 19.99/yearly 1st Year FREE (17.99/yearly) 12.99/yearly
SSL Secure Servers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Web Statistics Yes Yes Yes Yes
Domain prices are based on .com extenstion.

Like many other industries throughout the world the internet is shifting from a competitive open source environment of information and technology into a closing loop of increasing revenue for global corporations.

Multi-Billion dollar "public" corporations have made it nearly impossible for smaller competitors like StartingSites to survive in the website design and hosting market.

Smaller competitors with their backs against the wall have only 2 two options:
Option number ONE: offer less at sometimes more expensive prices.
Option number TWO: adjust your business model and try to add as much value to your customers as possible.

The goal of is to provide visitors with useful information on easy and inexpensive solutions for creating a website. Option 1 was never a choice and will never be one.

90% of websites never make it to launch and a big reason for that is cost and/or infrastructure, your website is not just another small step in becoming a business owner. Your website will and must be treated as the centerpeice of your success.

Large corporations have already realized this and have since shifted their focus on growing their online presence.

Entreprenuers that take advantage of the more for less business model will benefit from the resources these conglomerates provide and in turn survive in the long run.

Above I have listed a few hosting companies that implement that approach and specialize in making your dollar count.