Monetize every minute of the day. Google AdSense allows you to monetize every page on your website without having to sell products or services. Sign up for the content community and learn how to properly advertise on your websites, YouTube account and social networking platforms. By consistently creating content that engages with visitors you can generate revenue by simply placing ads on your website. Ad placement and content linking play major roles in the amount of income your website will earn. I have been enrolled in the Google AdSense program for over 10 years and I discuss how to create the content that will get your website approved and using that content to increase your AdSense earnings.

Selling products and services is the most effective way to earn online. Although the content community will focus on adding monetized content to your website. You will also find information on using the following resources to sell products and offer services.

selling products and services with free shopping cart software

joining affiliate programs

starting a referral program

marketing your products and services online

driving traffic to your site using products and services or vice versa