Generating Free Website Traffic

There are many ways to get free website traffic and the results are never garaunteed, It's free which means you have to work hard to get results, don't expect customers to just fall in your lap. If you do each one of these steps the right way overtime your site will grow if you are looking for quick steady traffic you should read my paid traffic blog.

1. Domain Name - Include one or more of your keywords in your domain name.

2. S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) More Info

Meta Description - Must be a certain length for search engines to read it and make sure you have your main keywords in your description.

Header Tag - Make sure you have header tags with keywords on your page.

Meta Keywords - Don't short your site on keywords even if you have to use words that mean the same as your main keywords.

Page Url - Try to name as many of your pages after your keywords. For Example

3. Social Networks - don't just add people you may know like friends and family be sure to read bios and hobbies and add those who you think may be interested in your website.

4. Blog/Article Submission - Use keywords in the anchor text of your blogs and articles. Don't use the same title, first and last paragraph on a bunch of different websites and don't submit to many sites just choose the best.

5. Create Different Web 2.0 Properties - Such as Squidoo, Hubpages and Blogger use sub keywords in anchor link then bookmark them, Get the rss url of each and go to or to ping it.

6. Photo Submission - Be sure to link and keyword your photos.

7. Ebook Submission - I recommend that you establish your site first because ebooks are notorious for scams and viruses.

8. Produce Fresh Content - Search engines love new content once a week you should add content to your site.

9. Press Releases - Any time you have a new product or page on your site put out a press release.

10. Newsletter - This is how you distinguish between which visitors are seriously interested. Build your list and send them VALUEBLE information. Place Opt-In forms on your blogs, sites, and ebooks for your newsletter.