Guide To Starting A Website

The process of starting a website gets easier by the hour. There are countless ways it can be accomplished, which leads to tons of misinformation about how to do it correctly. The internet is full of salespeople and their job is to convince and provide details (sometimes misleading) of why their product is the best. I created StartingSites thinking the best way to start a website is to learn code and to do it yourself, so I began creating YouTube videos on how to do so. Now I am not so sure what the best way is and now more than ever there are less ways to go wrong. It all depends on the type of website YOU intend to create and how YOU intend to use it.

Select the best way to get started for you.

Creating a Blog or Informational Website

Use The WordPress Software

The WordPress Software was built for blogging and it is completely free. WordPress has built in features that allow visitors of your blog to comment and/or subscribe to your blog to receive updates on fresh content which will encourage visitors to return. WordPress gained notoriety due to its content management system.
Download the WordPress software at or use the application section of your hosting control panel to easily install the software.

Creating a EStore

Install a Shopping Cart

Security is a huge issue when it comes to the internet, if you have no experience with securing a website you have no chance and providing your visitors a secure checkout. Great Web Hosting companies invest obscene amounts of money to provide secure checkout. I recommend either purchasing a e-store hosting package or downloading pre-built e-stores that are easy to customize. Read my blog on accepting online payments for information on companies that provide shopping carts.

Creating a Company Website

Use a CSS or PSD Website Template

Owning and operating a business is already a tough task, templates are created to save time and money. There are millions of free website templates that you can make simple adjustments to and launch a professional website for your business in hours. Watch us build a Web Template StartingSites offers a free website template to all visitors HERE

Creating a Massive Project like a Social Network

Learn Code

Everyone wants to create the next Twitter of Instagram and it has never been easier to do so. DevelopPHP is a GREAT website to start learning code. They also provide a pre-built social network with open source licensing completely free of charge. Remember you can use sub-domains or sub-folders to use a combination of the ways I suggested like almost every large website online does.

Selecting your domain name and hosting needs.

Once you know how you want to start your website you will need a domain name and website hosting.

Design and development

Templates are by far the easiest and most inexpensive way to make your website look professional You can also learn how to design and code your website yourself by watching YouTube videos and reading online documentation for free. Hiring a web designer is always a viable option if you can afford to do so.