Free Responsive Website Template

Template Preview

Coding a website is a very simple process. Free Open Source Templates like the one above are all over the web.

CLICK VIEW SOURCE CODE links below and COPY/SAVE using your notepad. There are 4 pages you must save into a new folder on your computer.

VIEW SOURCE CODE for index.html


VIEW SOURCE CODE for tablet.css

VIEW SOURCE CODE for phone.css

Image of how the folder should look:

Folder Preview

Now save the 4 images that appear as part of the template into the folder. (click each link below and right click loaded image to save).

click and save image as bottom.png click and save image as logo.png click and save image as main.png click and save image as top.png

Once the editing of your template is complete you will need to upload the folder to the web using a web hosting company to complete the launch of your website. Explore Web Host

Resource Links - Help and information on the code from this website template can be found here. - HTML tables can be used for layouts and containers on your website, generate them easily here. - For Website Template Preview.