Designing professional websites with no experience and coding knowledge is not only possible in my opinion, in most instances it is the best option. Cost, Support and Instant Customization are the main benefits to doing it yourself.

Launching a interactive website has become the most important aspect of many sucessful corporations. Creating a online presence for you and your company is becoming more profitable by the day and it has never been easier to do. DIY design and web management products are more advanced than ever and developers have adapted and custom scripts and applications that simply plug into existing infrastructures are now extremely affordable.

Web Hosting companies are at thr forefront of these innovations and choosing the a Web Host that is reliable and dependable will change your entire web creation experience.
Get started by following my guide to creating a professional website now. (GET STARTED LINK)

1. Select a Web Host

After reviewing 100's of web hosting companies, I have chosen 4 of the very best. View

2. Select a Template

There are millions of customizable templates accross the internet. Using Templates lowers cost and saves time. Chances are your layout idea for a website is already pre-build and very affordable.

3. Download Software

The best web hosting companies offer a variety popular products such as shopping carts and content management systems. These products are more secure and only cost a fraction of what a developer would charge.

4. Customization

Once you have your template and products installed you will need to insure that your brand and products are visable and functioning correctly finding a designer/developer that will enhance the appeal and operation is easy and cheap if you choose not to do it yourself.

5. Security

Your Web Host should have ideas of how to secure your website once you are ready to launch, give them a call before going live

6. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is very simple but it does take time and knowledge to perfect. In the long run it will be worth the investment.

7. Promotion

There are tons of ways to market and promote your website, many are free. A website will not drive traffic to itself. Do your research and makes sure that you are choosing the most efficient way to target potential customers.